Do You Need An HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Making an HVAC maintenance plan after HVAC installation can be quite an investment. Most residential installations need an annual check from time to time, but commercial installations need more comprehensive plans to keep the system working and problem-free. In the long run, a maintenance plan for residential installations can save you money. To convince you to create a maintenance plan for residential installations, here are some reasons you seriously need to consider.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

hvac maintenance plan

One of the most important reasons to get a maintenance plan is to avoid expensive repairs. Lack of maintenance can cause havoc on your HVAC system and slowly repairs will start coming up, and costing you a lot more than you think. Even if your HVAC system is still in its warranty period, other issues that might arise due to the environment or electrical imbalances, may not be covered. A maintenance agreement can undoubtedly save you money and works like insurance for your HVAC system.

You could cause the issues due to lack of maintenance

Problems with your HVAC system can be avoided with proper maintenance. If your HVAC system stops working for some reason, such as a blocked air duct, the system will become less effective. In extreme circumstances, dust, pet hair or debris that is lodges into the HVAC system can lead to costly repairs. Therefore, to avoid such unwanted repair costs, sticking to a maintenance plan is a better idea.

Most HVAC problems need professional help, so you’ll need to hire an HVAC professional for maintenance as well. You don’t even need to arrange frequent maintenance visits. Professional maintenance once a year can be enough to keep your residential HVAC system running smoothly.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

However, if you are concerned about your commercial HVAC system at your office, you might need to schedule additional professional visits for maintenance. The number of visits also depends on the type of business and frequency of use. For instance, if you have a restaurant, the system will be doing more extracting and filtering in a busy, warm and greasy setting.

The HVAC system installed in the kitchen will, therefore, need frequent maintenance as it needs to be cleaned frequently to get rid of the dirt, oil, grease and dust. So, depending on your business type, the maintenance of the HVAC system will be more frequent than an average residential HVAC system.

Improve the HVAC System’s Life

An annual maintenance plan does not only prevent hefty repair bills and common air conditioner problems, but also increases your HVAC system’s lifespan. An HVAC system that gets regularly checked by a professional is at less risk of break-down from faulty mechanics since problems are taken care of when they arise.

A dramatic increase in the life of your AC also means that you pay less for repairs and get to use your HVAC system for longer.

HVAC systems are manufactured with an overall assumption that the consumers will maintain them with professional help. But when it doesn’t happen, consumers face a lot of problems that arise due to negligence.

Problems might start slowly, with your system slowly becoming inefficient, and the problems may persist, reaching a point where you have to upgrade your HVAC system or invest in an entirely new HVAC system. But a good maintenance plan can always prevent such problems and save you a lot of money in the process.

Saving On HVAC Operation

A poorly maintained system will work harder to execute its normal function. And, when it works harder, it spends more energy. More energy means a higher energy bill. The utility bill increases suggest an inefficient HVAC system. Therefore, maintenance should never be ignored.

To avoid bigger problems such as hefty repairs, having to install a new HVAC system due to poor maintenance of the current system and avoid a spike in energy bills, you should invest in HVAC maintenance.

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