Why You Need to Have a Gun

It should come as no surprise that Americans love our guns, According to Wikipedia.org there are over 112 guns for every 100 Americans. The recent events with the shootings in California demonstrates just how vulnerable we are as citizens. Sure the police have guns but by the time they are able to respond to a situation there are innocent people who have lost their life. The question that people need to ask themselves, would these situations happen if more people were armed? California has a very strict gun control system in place but it did not stop the recent slaughtering of innocent individuals so what is the solution.


Bad Guys with Guns Kill People

There is a growing number of people out there that want to ban guns but that does not work. It is not like all of the “bad guys” are going to turn in their guns. If more people had a conceal and carry permit then the odds of people being murdered in broad daylight would drop cosniderably. The terrorist who are trying to pull off these stunts know it will take time for the police to respond and that gives them a “window of opportunity”. These same terrorist would not be so bold if they thought that there are people walking around with guns that could take them out of commission. We are not promoting vigilante justice on the contrary what we want is law abiding citizens who can feel safe going outside with their family. The way that we achieve this is by education and proper training. Individuals who are properly trained on how to handle and use a firearm are a terrorists worse nightmare.

Owning a Gun is Safe – Gun Ownership

Do not believe the hype being spread on the Internet, owning a gun does not put you at an increased risk of injury or death provided you go through the right training. There are many programs available that will teach you the proper way to handle and store a gun. One of the greatest benefits you will feel is the peace of mind that knowing if something does happen you can protect yourself and your family in a life or death situation. The criminals and terrorists are here to stay but they are the minority, if the population can all work together arming themselves then we can take back our communities. The government cannot keep us safe so the onus falls on our shoulders, the question is will you take control of your security or live in fear forever?

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