Win A Second Amendment T-Shirt

We have decided that every now and again, we will run a photo competition. This is for the best second amendment or gun related caption. Each image we put out will have nothing to do with guns or the second amendment, but the image may warrant a funny caption.

The Funniest caption will be chosen after a couple of weeks and that person will win one of our own second amendment t-shirts. This is just for a bit of fun and we will choose the best caption design it on the image and post it publically. The winner will be contacted by us and we will send you the chosen gift that month, which will be one of our T-Shirts, Caps and possibly a surprise gift.

Go on guys, have some fun and come up with a funny caption.

The rules are simple;

  1. You must comment on the site post with your caption – even if you add the caption to the facebook, twitter or Instagram page.
  2. Your caption must be unique and not copied anywhere else – we do check.
  3. It must be related to guns, second amendment or gun rights related.
  4. No personal attacks

May the best caption win.


Jump the gun



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