You Are A Miracle Worker

You have the ability to create profound change in your life through a combination of spiritual tools such as daily prayer, healing affirmations, meditation, contemplation and metaphysical study. However, it’s important to know that transformation of consciousness for such radical shifts can take time. In this sense, you can limit and block yourself if you lack patience and tolerance in your desire and ability to shift those nuances, non-beneficial behaviors, and addictive patterns before breaking through the darkness and moving into the Light.

Through regular dedication to a daily spiritual practice and your own devotion and surrender to a Higher-Power, whether this divine source for you be known as God, the Light, the Creator, or even the Universe, will help you to build a great spiritual momentum towards real beneficial change.

When you take charge of your energy by becoming more self-aware and by paying attention to the subtle energetic shifts you experience through utilizing daily prayer power, and from the likes of regular meditation and visualization, these subtle energetic shifts begin to create profound miracles for you. A miracle is simply a shift in consciousness and a transformation of one type of energy into another. For example, transforming the non-beneficial energy of the feeling of fear into the beneficial energy of feeling safe and secure.

miracle worker

This energetic shift becomes a mini-miracle for you because when you shift your perspective from one of fear to feeling safe, then you also immediately help to rebalance your physiology and calm your nervous system. You are a miracle maker in the broadest spiritual sense as you are naturally imbued with creative power. It is your birthright and divine origin.

You also have the free will to transform what no longer serves you into something more appropriate. When you co-create with the Light through the act of spiritual surrender (prayer power), then you magnify your soul’s Light with a Source of Power that is greater than your own. You plug into the Creator and you Light-Up your health, life and the world around you.

Becoming a Mighty Miracle Maker

A miracle of the divine kind is the transformation of one kind of energy into another, such as when Jesus turned water into wine. You are capable of creating many miracles right now in the present moment, and whilst you may not be able to transform water into wine just yet, this phenomenal divine example is to show you that you really are unlimited in your potential for becoming a mighty miracle maker. You do so as you expand your spiritual consciousness and evolve your soul’s Light through spiritual growth to help you magnify your greater creative expression.

When you begin to perceive things differently and are able to let go of the emotional pain in your heart and soul, resentments that you carry, judgment and criticism of self and others, then you will naturally as well as intentionally start to shift old patterns, stories and limitations. You will begin to transform your consciousness from one of separation and fear into one of connection, compassion and unconditional love.

From this standpoint, life will begin to flow for you. Your health will become more vibrant and you will feel more peace and joy. Some things may shift quickly for you, while others may take more time. It really isn’t about speed and the quantity of shifts that you can experience. It’s more about the journey of spiritual growth, understanding and spiritual unfoldment.

Supernatural Potential Sits Dormant Within Us

Your daily spiritual practice and devotion to the Light enable you to expand your heart energy so that you can lead a miraculous life. So that you can make the most of your life by overcoming earthly struggles and gaining the spiritual muscles you need to support you through the tough times and manifest your heart's desires.

Spiritual freedom is the result of many miraculous shifts in consciousness leading us to unlimited spiritual growth. We all have remarkable supernatural potential that sits dormant within us, and spiritual growth takes us one step closer to unfolding this hidden potential.

Freedom comes from allowing the Light to lead us, and from aligning our soul’s Light within the Larger Light of the Whole. The truth being that the more spiritually awake we become, the more powerful the Light within us emerges. This power within is able to align with and withstand a stronger vibrational current from the Universal Light of Creator. We can then draw on this supernatural power current to create heaven on earth. To help aid others in their own miraculous shifts, to help direct Light to the suffering of the world, and to bless our beautiful planet.

Three Spiritual Steps to Conscious Miracle Making

When you find yourself needing a miracle of a shift in consciousness to help you transform your energy or the energy of a difficult situation that’s currently bothering you, then you can use the following three spiritual steps to help you become a conscious miracle maker.

Step One: Become Aware & Measure

Become aware of any limiting thought, action, or behavior you have without self-condemnation. Simply notice when you are out of alignment with the energies of unconditional love, peace or joy. These are the three ‘high-vibe’ energy frequencies to measure any of your thoughts, actions, and behaviors by. Ask yourself, are any of them in harmony with the high-vibe energies of unconditional love, peace, and joy. If not, then you have the power to transform them and to halt the negative effects from manifesting.

Step Two: Select Something

Select one low-vibe issue at a time that you’ve become consciously aware of. Let’s say it’s a self-critical thought such as ‘you hate your body.’ You may even come to realize that you think about this particular negative thought most of the time, which just locks in the low-vibe energies about your body and constantly triggers you. When you measure this, you obviously realize that it doesn’t measure up with the energies of unconditional love, peace, and joy (step one). The purpose of this measurement reference is to help you know that the limiting thought isn’t real. It’s simply false and is coming from the unhealed parts of you. Truth, however, is always in alignment with the energies of unconditional love, peace, and joy, which are aspects of the real divine you.

Shifting your perspective to the high-vibe truth energies can bring healing. Simply stated, if any of your thoughts, actions, and behaviors aren’t in harmony with the energies of unconditional love, peace, and joy, then you will know that they are false and not spiritually true for you. It is in this understanding of truth and of contemplating the real you, that you create miracle minded shifts in consciousness.

Step Three: Choose Anew

Choose a new thought, action or behavior that is in alignment with the energies of unconditional love, peace, and joy. In this example, the thought of ‘I hate my body,’ now can be transformed due to your understanding of truth (step two) into a more supportive thought, such as, ‘I love and accept myself.’ Whilst this may initially be weird for you to say after never thinking it previously, it is due to your current understanding of what is false and what is real – that the energy shift you’ve experienced will now help you to transform this new thought into being.

This is the time that you don’t give up on this practice, as the old low-vibe thought can present itself until the power of transformation has completely shifted. Remember that you need to get that momentum flowing towards to the high-vibe thoughts of truth, so you keep on using this three-step process to help you create long-lasting change. Continue to exchange any old negative thoughts with new ones you choose that are in harmony with truth.

Spiritual growth is easier than you think if you are willing to take the necessary steps to help yourself with some loving patience and compassion. You will expand your soul’s Light and your creative power in doing so and this is so worth the effort. You will bless your life and the lives of others in many ways by simply doing so!

Joanne Brocas is a world-renowned healer, intuitive and the number one bestselling author of Angel Prayers. Visit Joanne’s website to find out more about Joanne, and her online classes, courses, video prayers, books, and appointments. Joanne’s spiritual purpose is to help people align with the Light and to expand their unlimited creative potential so that they may heal in all their ways

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